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I have been setting goals pretty much my entire life. I wanted to wrestle Division I in college. I wanted to play baseball in college. I wanted to fight in the UFC. I wanted to be the Main Event some day. It was never my goal to have my own signature walk out t-shirt, but holy crap!!!  I’m going to need about 30 boxes of them to hand out to all my family and friends.

Most of you probably already know this, but I signed on with Fear The Fighter for my next fight. I’m super excited to get to work with this amazing company. I thought I was going to be their Big Announcement last week, but then they announced Dan Hardy a couple of days later. And since I base everything on Twitter followers, I realized I wasn’t their Big Announcement. They signed up a bunch of guys from the Nottingham fights, so be prepared to see a lot of that logo up top.

I don’t know if other fighters can make these kinds of decisions easier than I can. But seeing how they treat their fighters was a big reason for me signing with them. Just read this and you will see what I’m talking about. Taking care of people like they are family, and understanding their hardships are the kinds of qualities that mean a lot to me. And I’m not just talking about sponsors. I try to surround myself with people like that, so signing with Fear The Fighter, at the end of the day, made a lot of sense. So please support me, and this amazing company.