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So we are kicking around ideas for this blog at the fire house today. One of the guys said I should link to a bunch of stuff that I like. Sounds like a good idea to me. I will see how many I can come up with myself and maybe a few from the guys here as well. If that isn’t enough, I may take to Twitter to see if I can get any cool ideas. There will be no rhyme or reason to any of these. It’s just stuff I like. I hope you dig this. If you do, I may make it a regular thing.

  • Lets go ahead and start with this.
  • Can anyone explain these to me?
  • Have you seen this? You should. It is amazing!
  • This is my favorite picture.
  • I like this picture a lot too.
  • Here are some words to live by.
  • Ok this is what makes YouTube awesome.
  • I would pay A LOT of money for these.
  • This makes YouTube awesome too! (Shameless self Promotion)
  • I enjoyed doing this interview.
  • The guys here really liked this story.
  • I’m moving soon. Found out the city I’m going to banned Pit Bulls. This is complete bullshit. Go check out these great people and get a puppy.
  • So now I have to find a back up plan for a puppy. I’m thinking one of these.
  • The Olympics got me thinking of the greatest game ever.
  • You looking for a new gym in Ohio? Come check out Strong Style!
  • Want to see some great fights and maybe get an autograph?
  • I am really excited to see these guys play in Cleveland.
  • The UFC twitter acct won the internet with this.

Alright I could do this for days, but this is enough for now. I will have to do a quick twitter poll one night to see what other people are into. Hope you all enjoyed this.