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So you all know about the fighter summit held every year in Las Vegas right? This year was the first one I have ever been to. And it was all sorts of awesome. The conferences were pretty cool. And it was excellent to see some old friends and meet some new people. Most of all it was nice to take a little vacation. I really needed it. I pretty much shut out everything for a few days and recharged the batteries.  I was thinking about tweeting about it during the event, but then I started reading Scott Jorgensen and a few other guys tweets and realized that I could not possibly do any better.

We had a conference on how to use Twitter. We had a conference on tattoos. We had a conference on PED’s. It was a lot of sitting and listening to people talk. But it was in Vegas. So I’m definitely not complaining.

But we weren’t in meetings the entire time. Also got a chance to see a lot more of Vegas than I did when I fought there. The highlight of the trip? Riding a horse. Because I’m a cowboy!!!