Saturday Sept. 29 2012. That is going to be one of those dates that I will never be able to forget. That is the night I get my first main event in the UFC. I will be fighting Stefan Struve in Nottingham, England.

I have never been to the U.K. before. And anyone that knows me, knows that I’m not looking forward to being on a plane for that long. What I am looking forward to is meeting English UFC fans. I have talked to a few on Twitter, but to actually get to meet and interact with such an amazing fan base is going to be insane.

All I hear about is how big the UFC is in England. I really can’t wait to see it first hand. I have done some research on the Google Machine and Nottingham looks amazing! If my last fight was any indicator, I’m going to be busy as hell with interviews coming up to the fight, but hopefully I will be able to stay for a few days after and get to check out the city.

So from now until I fly over there, I’m going to be in the gym every day. Getting better. Putting together a game plan with my coaches at Strong Style. And getting myself ready to put on a show that will make the English fans proud. See ya in September!