If anyone follows me on Twitter, than you know I’m addicted to it. A big reason for my addiction is because I’ve met some awesome people. It has been a real positive experience for me so far and I hope it just keeps getting better.

When I was still trying to figure out how Twitter worked I noticed a couple of people talking about me but didn’t really think anything about it. But then one of them sent me a message. That message has snow balled into a very abusive Twitter relationship with this girl…

Everyone say hello to Sam Dei Lune. I will admit that I don’t do a lot of reading, and had not heard Sam’s name before we started chatting on Twitter. But it turns out Sam here is a pretty famous author and a real big MMA fan. She is also abusive, mean, and a few other things. But since she is a ninja and will kick my ass I won’t say anything else bad about her.

Since we started chatting she has talked me into helping her write a book. Now, she doesn’t actually think I can read, but she still asked me to help. So in the not too distant future we will release The Legend of the Huntsman! It will be a book with a lot of killing and a lot of blood! I figure if she can lick her own elbow, she can write a hell of a book! I will keep you all updated on when it’s going to come out. In the mean time you should check out her website and buy her books. She would like that! http://www.deilune.com/