A few weeks back, when I started this thing, I asked for any advice I could get from my Twitter followers. I was expecting a lot of “Don’t quit your day job” comments, and I got a few. But I actually got some really solid advice also. The one comment that sticks out the most was to remember who the people are that will read this and make sure it is geared to MMA fans.

That was great advice but I also want people to get a glimpse into all aspects of my life if I can. I spend the majority of my time in the gym training. That’s what you already know. And I will put plenty of things on here about it. What a lot of people don’t know is that I’m also a firefighter and paramedic in two different cities.

I’ve played on teams my entire life. But nothing will ever compare to the teamwork you need when you pull up to a house with fire blowing out of its roof and windows with 3 or 4 other guys on the truck. No matter what was happening 10 minutes before that, these are now your teammates. Actually, at that point they are your brothers.

That video was from a fire we responded to last week in a neighboring city. Those guys did what we are trained to do. They made entry to a fully involved house fire not knowing what was inside. They were met with explosions when the victims oxygen bottles started blowing. They continued inside and knocked the fire down before the connected business was damaged. This is doing something that most people wouldn’t dream of. This is the definition of teamwork. Luckily everyone made it out of the house and there were only minor injuries to 2 firefighters.

I know a lot of you will be disappointed that this isn’t about MMA. But it’s hard to explain to people how proud I am of my other job. Hopefully this will help you appreciate what these men and women do on a daily basis. It isn’t all sitting around the firehouse pulling pranks on each other. Though we do a bit of that too! Plus I wanted an excuse to show you the front page of the paper a couple days ago. This was taken as we were getting a burn victim ready for transport.

House Fire

They captured my best side!